Your body is your temple and your guide, you are just relearning to tune into its intelligence and wisdom and cultivate your natural inner guidance.

Somatic Movement Classes & Workshops

I am here to accompany you inside the matter of the body, through a somatic approach using movement and conscious touch.

Integrative Body-work & Assisted Movement Sessions

I am interested in supporting the natural process of the body to heal itself, finding balance, integration and embodiment in life..

Somatic Body-Facilitation

For individuals or a group of people that have a common wish to move and connect with their bodies in a more conscious way.

Somatic movement Classes & Workshops

Your body is your temple and your guide. You are just relearning to tune into its intelligence and wisdom and cultivate your natural inner guidance. 

Here, the body with its wisdom is considered the Temple and the teacher as well as the instrument and the form through which life can be experienced and embodied fully and authentically.

I am here to accompany you inside the matter of the body, through a somatic approach using movement and conscious touch. 

The starting point is to tune with the ever-present source of unconditional nourishment of life, the principle of embodied embryology. 

In this exploration we will use Body-Mind Centering® and Laban principles with some improvisation tools to wave from differentiation to unity, revisiting different body systems and tissues layers of the body, from the skin to the bones through the blood inside the cells…aiming  to re-claim and re-awake the whole of you, 

We will play and explore the body systems as if you would learn to play each of the different instruments of a big orchestra in order to expand and gain more clarity in your movement and choices to play through life. 

My aim is to spark your joy of movement and the interest in exploring the wisdom of the body and opening a doorway into new possibilities.

“I always experience Melody as a very warm-hearted being, guiding participants with clarity as well as gentle care, holding the group and the process of each individual with sensitivity. This makes me feel totally comfortable showing my real self with all my vulnerability and strength each time and allow me to completely let go to dive into the practice. I appreciate her open but also precise invitation to explore the material, to connect with myself, others and my surroundings. She is able to share her knowledge in a beautifully metaphorical and highly practical way at the same time.” – Bella

What is Somatic? 

It refers to the whole person – physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual… Somatics is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach that connects body sciences, psychology, and movement to help each person understand more about his or her body/mind and move toward greater integration. Somatic methods teach us to listen to our bodies.

Benefit  and Application of BMC into movement

  • Improve efficiency and effortlessness of movement by deepening the experience and understanding of the function of our Skeletal-muscular system and our basic developmental movement patterns.
  • Enhance clarity and intention of action by applying body systems differentiation.
  • Expand anatomical awareness by embodiment practice of physiological and anatomical elements.
  • Refine balance, coordination and alignment by tuning in the continuous dialogue between awareness and action (senses, perception, reflexes)
  • Contribute to a better understanding of a dynamic relationship with the floor and space around us  by exploring developmental patterns (yielding, pushing, reaching, pulling through the space)
  • Help become more present and grounded by revisiting our embryological roots (before the trauma) and learning tools to calm and regulate our nervous system.
  • Overall extend the dancer‘s technical skills as well as creative options and expressive range of movement qualities and possibilities.


What is Body-Mind Centering® ?

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Integrative Body-work & Assisted Movement Sessions

I am a qualified Somatic Movement Educator and Practitioner from the school of  Body-Mind Centering®.  I also have a background in Thai-Yoga Masage and Lomi-Lomi Massage. Movement and body are of great fascination for me since an early age.

I am interested in supporting the natural process of the body to heal itself, finding balance, integration and embodiment in life.

Being a daughter of two physiotherapists, having received a lot of loving and caring touch I believe that: 

Touch is a fundamental need of everyone. The sense of touch is the first to develop and our earliest means of communication from the uterus to the arms of our mother.

What can you expect from a session? 

In an individual session, I meet you right where you are, offering a space for a verbal or non-verbal dialogue encompassing touch and movement. With hands-on, I listen to the tissues, the rhythms and flow, how different systems are communicating and I am supporting your body to unfold in a process of re-balancing itself. Touch and movement, which are two fundamental human needs, have a great potential to bring aliveness and awareness in areas of the body-mind that might feel less vibrant. You might experience the opening of new pathways of movement, a sense of deep relaxation and nourishment, the arising of vital energy that wants to be expressed.          

  • The treatment is done with clothes on, so please wear loose comfortable and warm clothes. 
  • It lasts around 90 minutes.
  • Combine nurturing and listening touch with gentle mobilization. 
  • Focus on a specific issue relates to the body rather than a symptom only.
  • It works best on the floor using a futon mattress or a thin firm mat.
“It is difficult to find words for the magic that Melody does in her sessions and how you feel afterwards, you would best book just one session to feel for yourself and you’ll know, it’s amazing! After each session, I always feel much lighter, stronger, more self-empowered and most of all deeply nourished – ready to face whatever is going on in my life, it’s like plugging in and recharging. Deep gratitude for this gifted bodyworker and all her qualities that helped me so much many, many times.” – Michael

Thai Yoga Balancing

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practice is rooted in the Indian tradition of Yoga and Buddhist spiritual practice. The foundation of this massage practice is based on the concept of working on a system of 10 energy lines called ‘Sen’ running through the body (similar to Meridians in Chinese / Japanese medicine) and combines gentle yoga stretches with acupressure techniques.

The aim of a Thai Yoga Balancing session:

  • Rebalancing and stimulating free energy flow, 
  • Encouraging deep relaxation and mindfulness, 
  • Helping to restore well-being of whole body by supporting our body’s natural inclination to heal itself, 
  • Improving mobility and flexibility and helping to relieve pain and tensions. 
  • Involving a flowing and dynamic interaction between giver and receiver so be prepared to have your body shifted in different positions.

Price & duration per session:

Sliding scale between 80 and 120 Euros
Session lasts around 90 mins
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“Melody’s ability to give both soft and strong touches is a real joy for my whole body. I always feel well taken care of in all aspects of my being and I can fully sink into her hands and with great gratitude receive her healing touch. After every bodywork session I feel again reconnected with my own body, whole and round, uplifted and light, energised and strong, loved and in (self)love.” – Bella

Integrative Body-work & Assisted Movement

This is based on the  Body-Mind Centering® approach of integrating body and consciousness. Applying anatomical, physiological, embryological and developmental principles which utilise movement, touch and sound.  ( ). 

This aims to create a general overall embodiment and balance, as well as:

  • Assisting the body’s natural ongoing search for health.
  • Increasing awareness of the body and its anatomy and inner perception.
  •  Supporting  integration and differentiation of body systems and tissues (organs, nerves, fluid, bones, …).
  • Grounding the body and mind into an embryological state of wholeness of being and deep nourishment.
  • Encouraging new healthier movement patterns and ways of expression.

Price & duration per session:

Sliding scale between 80 and 120 Euros
Session lasts around 90 mins
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 “Receiving bodywork from Melody has been incredibly nourishing and life-giving to me, it makes my body very happy! Melody brings such gentle, compassionate sensitivity to her work, every session is like a wonderful discovery journey where I learn more about my body, find new freedom in my body, and also just get to enjoy her touch, which always seems very attuned to what I need in the moment! This has brought me greater awareness of and interest in my body as a living, breathing organism, and more pleasure as I inhabit it more mindfully.” – Nadja


For women and mothers during or after pregnancy. It combines special and safe massage techniques for pregnancy, while clients lay on a side (or back position if in early pregnancy) applying a fusion of principles of Thai massage and Body-mind Centering®, see above for more info.

The aim of a Mum-care session:

  • Assist the woman body through the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and life cycles.
  • Increase awareness of the body and anatomical understanding of the body systems.
  • Bring a comforting and nourishing touch that improve mood and lower stress level
  • Relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility
  • Assists the body’s natural ongoing search for health and balance during and after pregnancy



Price & duration per session:
Sliding scale between 80 and 120 Euros
Session lasts around 90 mins
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Somatic Body-Coaching

Somatic body-coaching is for individuals or a group of people that have a common wish to move and connect with their bodies in a more conscious way. It’s for anybody that wants to stay fit and healthy in their body and mind. This approach is gentle but deep, focusing more on how we move rather than how much. It can work at different levels of intensity depending on your needs, abilities and intentions. It can aim to cultivate more flexibility and strength, or flow and vitality – or integrate alignment and expression.

It is a kind of personal training but I am not a fitness trainer or a yoga/pilates teacher. I am offering my skills as a dancer combined with the somatic approach. Having worked with professional movers as well as total beginners or people with limited movement abilities, I can help you from where you are to find the right balanced set of exercises or movement sequences that meet your needs. I am especially passionate about working with pregnant women (see below Navel of Life).

How? We can meet in person inside or outside or online.
Who is this for? Everybody interested to tune with the intelligence of their own body, people that are not keen to go to the gym, and do not want to just build up muscle.
When? Get in touch now for a chat and we can discuss details together.

“Without needing to say almost anything to Melody, I was joyfully surprised that she knew exactly what my body was asking for and needed. I receive a lot of bodywork and healing sessions from practitioners around the world and the loving, subtle and attuned touch that she offered was a balm for my soul and my inner child. The gift she carries is from a long-standing dedication to movement, Body-Mind Centering (which I hold in high regard) and Truth.”  Elan Freydenson, Somatic Movement Therapist, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher

Navel of Life

Workshops for pregnant women in preparation for giving birth and becoming a mother. Can be taken in a group or as individual sessions. A series of classes/sessions that lead you into a journey through the changes of the pregnancy accompanying you in a somatic transformative movement exploration. The aim is to embrace you as a whole person (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual) to help you tune in with your body and your baby and listen to your needs. I will provide you with body awareness and movement tools, based on experiential anatomy and embodiment somatic practice.  We will practice integrating bodywork and nurturing gentle touch techniques to support your wellbeing process as well as guided visualization and somatization to promote a positive state of mind.

The material is explored in the form of self-discovery and in respect of each body’s needs and abilities. It doesn’t require any previous experience in movement.

The course will also be an opportunity to connect and share with other like-minded women and support each other in our feminine empowerment.

I also offer on the side of the course, one-to-one Pre-Natal & Post-natal massage sessions, to integrate the process.

As well as Belly painting to add a touch of fun to your pregnancy.

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