What is Body-Mind Centering®?

Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, this creative approach to body, movement and consciousness is an experiential somatic study integrating anatomical, physiological and developmental principles. Through the use of visualization, touch, sound and movement we bring awareness and aliveness to different body systems impacting alignment, movement quality and creativity in the dancer. Body-Mind Centering® is not a set technique but a deep embodiment training, as we learn to touch and move from different cells and tissues in our body we expand our capacity to feel, act and connect with the world around us.

More information: www.bodymindcentering.com

What is Laban Movement?

Originating from the visionary work of Rudolf Laban in the 1910-1950s, Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff work has been widely applied in educational and therapeutic settings as a framework to approach the body. Laban raises questions about how we observe and experience movement. This is a systemic and integrative perspective, involving whole-body movement which is divided into categories of Body, Effort, Shape and Space (BESS). Each of these categories gives a doorway into movement.

Body emphasizes physical connectedness, refinement in use of the body, movement efficiency, clarity, and sensory-motor connections utilizing maximum core and breath support.

Effort describes the dynamic factors. The way the elements of Flow, Weight, Time and Space are combined in our movement are affecting the mood of our expression and gives a specific colour to our dance.

Shape is the “container” for the effort or dynamics of movement. Internal attitude shapes external form; it has to do with the process of shaping, how form relates to the environment and how the body accommodates a changing form.

Space involved the concept of kinesphere and planes to explore how we access the space around us; by using different pathways and spatial qualities and intent to connect with our environment.

General Body Questions to Ask:

Where does the movement initiate?

How does movement travel through my body and in space?

What is held, active, leading, initiating, etc?


More information: labaninstitute.org