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Monthly Movement & Touch Medicine – From Grounding into Expanding

Vienna at Tanz*Hotel 

One Saturday per month – take time to re-unite with your body and soul. 

I provide a safe container for a group of people to embark on a self explorative journey waiving between bodywork & movement, relaxation & action.

I will offer tools of awareness of touch and bodywork exercises, with the purpose to slow down and ground deeply into the core of your being. From this place of nourishment and self-connection, we will let our bodies arise again and expand into movement. By using Body-Mind Centering® principle to focus on different systems of the body we will investigate anatomical landscapes and physical qualities of touch and movement with the invitation of embodying different aspects of ourselves/our cells. The aim is to open new pathways of movement and states of being and let them expand and move into space and in connection with others. 

WHEN: Saturdays 26th February- 26th March- 30th April- 28th May- 25th June.

VENUE:  Tanz*Hotel, Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Wien

TIME:  11 am to 15 pm 

BOOKING: Melody 0676 3996955 

NOTE: Come with a fresh COVID negative test result 

PRICE: sliding scale 20 to 30 Euros ( concession available on request)

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