Thai Yoga Massage

Integrative Body-work


About the practitioner 

Melody is a qualified massage practitioner from Metta College(London UK) of traditional Thai Yoga massage and a graduate Somatic Movement Educator and soon Practictioner from the school of  Body-mind Centering® (Embody-move, UK)  .

Movement and body are of greater fascination for her since an early age. Daughter of two physiotherapists she received a lot of loving and caring touch and has grown up with the believed that touch is a natural need of everyone. She is interested in supporting the natural process of the body to heal itself finding balance, integration and embodiment in life.

 Thai Yoga massage 

Traditional Thai Massage practice is rooted in the Indian tradition of Yoga and Buddhist spiritual practice. The foundation of this massage practice is based on the concept of working on a system of 10 energy lines called ‘Sen’ running through the body (similar to Meridians in Chinese / Japanese medicine) and combine gentle yoga stretches with acupressure technique. 

The aim of a Thai Yoga Massage:

  • Well being of the whole-body ( full-body massage, not focused on curing one area only) 
  • Rebalancing and stimulating free energy flow, 
  • Encouraging deep relaxation and mindfulness, 
  • Helping to restore a general well-being by supporting our body’s natural inclination to heal itself, 
  • Improving mobility and flexibility and helping to relieve pain and tensions. 
  • Involving a flowing and dynamic interaction between giver and receiver so be prepare to have your body shifted in different positions.


Integrative Body-work

Based on the Body-mind Centering® principle, “BMC is an integrated approach to movement, body and consciousness. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, it is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles, utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind” ( ). 

The aim of an Integrative Body-work session:

  • Assists the body’s natural ongoing search for health and balance.
  • Increase awareness of the body and its anatomy and stimulate a new way of perception from the inside.
  •  Support Integration  and differentiation of  body systems and tissues (Organs, nerves, fluid, bones, …).
  • Ground the body and mind into an embryological state of wholness of being and deep nourishment.
  • Encourage new healthier movement patterns and ways of expression.


For women and mothers during or after pregnancy. It combines special and safe massage techniques for pregnancy, while patient lay on a side (or back position if in early pregnancy) applying a fusion of principles of Thai massage and Body-mind Centering®, see above for more info.

The aim of Mum-massage:

  • Assist the woman body through the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and life cycles.
  • Increase awareness of the body and anatomical understanding of the body systems.
  • Bring a comforting and nourishing touch that improve mood and lower stress level
  • Relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility
  • Assists the body’s natural ongoing search for health and balance during and after pregnancy 

What can you aspect from a session:

  • The treatment is done with clothes on, so please wear loose comfortable and warm clothes. 
  • It lasts around 90 minuts.
  • Combine nurturing and listening touch with gentle mobilization. 
  • Focus on a specific issue relates to the body rather than a symptom only.
  • It works best on the floor using a futon mattress or a thin firm mat.   

Price & duration per session:

Sliding scale between 80 and 120 Euros

90 minutes